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My Little Portal is a series of fanmade animated videos created and released on YouTube by Christian David Cerda. It is a crossover between My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the Portal video game series, featuring characters from the former, and settings and plot devices reminiscient of the latter. The plot focuses primarily on Twilight Sparkle, who awakens from cryogenic sleep at the ...

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07/07/2012 Episode 1: Unforeseen ConsequencesPatreon: Little Portal website: http://my-little-portal.weebly.comIMDb page: ...

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My Little Portal is a fanmade animated web series created by Christian David Cerda. It is a crossover between the animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and the video game Portal.. A grave mishap with the Equestria Laboratories scientific research facility's newest artificial intelligence, DISCoRD, forces Princess Celestia to relocate the facility to the moon.

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2019. Error: please try again. Twilight, accompanied by the Cores of Harmony, draws closer to her intended goal. Trixie, on the other hoof, descends further into the facility to find the scientists and answers. They will both face the past that lingers from behind them.

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03/05/2019 My Little Portal - Episode 5_ Heart of Darkness - Teaser 3.mp4 download. 8.1M. My Little Portal - Episode 6_ Tunnel Vision Teaser Trailer.mp4 download. 6.3M. My Little Portal - NEW Timeline Trailer.mp4 download. 4.8M. My Little Portal EP10 Preview.mp4 download. 2.7M. My Little Portal EP4 Preview.mp4 download.

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27/08/2012 Episode 2: Wake-Up CallThis episode contains some mildly disturbing images. Please skip to 1:36 if you do not wish to view those.Patreon: https://www.patreon...

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17/07/2019 Episode 10: The Persistence of MemoryPatreon: Little Portal website: http://my-little-portal.weebly.comIMDb pag...

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My Little Portal. 01 - Ponies. Twilight Sparkle (Test Subject DA-42) Twilight Sparkle is the youngest pony princess in Equestria. She volunteered to assist the scientists at CELESTIA Labs after the accident that occurred with the malfunctioning DISCoRD unit. She was positioned at the head of the ...

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Lil Portal is an unlockable passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. Summons a portal familiar that launches itself in the direction Isaac shoots to deal contact damage to enemies. The portal will consume all pickups and trinkets in its path, converting them into blue flies and causing the familiar to become larger and deal more contact damage. Lil Portal deals contact damage ...

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Episode 3: The ARKThis episode contains some disturbing images. Please skip to 1:28 if you do not wish to view those.If you are having sound problems, watch ...

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The Fall of Canterlot sees the victory of the changelings. Having defeated their enemy, the hive looks inward, bringing torment down on Chrystalia, the traitor who fought for what she felt was right. Add Image. S2, Ep9. 14 May 2017.

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My little portal(WIP) 50% 0. My Little Portal [REMASTERED] (CANCELLED) 87% 0. MY LITTLE PONY TYCOON. 55% 941. My Little Pony Tycoon 2 Player - X2 Cash. 57% 112. Roleplay is Magic - My Little Pony 3D Roleplay. 84% 56 [Free Ponies] My Little Pony 3D Roleplay. 79% 89.

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Episode 5: Heart of DarknessPatreon: Little Portal website: http://my-little-portal.weebly.comIMDb page: http:/...

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My-Little-Portal Blue and Orange PORTAL RAINBOOM . Watch. Home ; About Us ; Gallery

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9. Rate. 10. Rate. 0. Error: please try again. Twilight Sparkle drinks a potion to learn of her forgotten past and catch up with the present. It has been ten years or more since a terrible event in Equestrian history known as the Fall of Canterlot. Season 1 | Season 2 .

My Little Portal_ Episode 6 (HD)__bilibili Christian Cerda: My Little Portal_ Episode 6 (HD): My Little Portal is a fan-animated crossover web ...

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01/07/2022 Well, youll find mirth aplenty, along with hours of action and adventure, in My Little Universe. Take a sterile promontory and turn it into a beautiful, blooming planet that would make any god proud to be its master. Dig, chop, craft, smash, mine and fight your way to divine grace and a ...

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#19772 - safe, artist:christiancerda, twilight sparkle (mlp), alicorn, equine, fictional species, mammal, pony, robot, robot pony, feral, friendship is magic, hasbro ...

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06/05/2021 the my little pony lines divided up by generation: G1, G2, G3, G3.5, and G4; navigation links to things like community portal with links to other my little pony pages and page templates helps with coding and adding information to the wiki; Image Donors, a page where images are categorized by the wonderful pony people who donated them! (needs ...

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